Yokai: The Character of Mystery (Ebook) (Instant Download)


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Yokai: The Character of Mystery (Ebook) (Instant Download)

The second book in the infamous Mythology Trilogy, Yokai is a 199 page collection of 14+ high power effects as well as essays on performance and unique premises, all from the mind of UK mentalist, writer, designer and consultant Phill Smith. All the material in the book has been crafted to develop and push a unique performing style, and are designed to be accessible to performers of all levels.

The book includes a powerful technique for learning any deck-stack, or building your own, an introduction to Phill's world-class Quinta force as well as a number of effects exploring some of the possibilities the method enables. There's a punchy real-world steel nail bend that will leave spectators stunned, designed around a strong psychological moment of proof, a great stage 'piece' that builds a huge moment with nothing more than some pieces of paper... and that's just a few of the miracles in the book.

Of the book, Phill says:
"In Mitox I drew a map to a new kind of mentalism. Now, with Yokai, it is time to take this roadmap and follow it to the next level. To illuminate the corners of the darkened room with new techniques and approaches, and to think again about what it means to become someone else. To think again about power and premise and to see what happens when the you follow the cutting edge right to the point."

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