Yugi Howen - Tinky Winky


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Yugi Howen - Tinky Winky
"Great, I can do it anytime and anywhere!" -Arie Bhojez
This is very creative trick, with a simple method, you can make an incredible miracle.
Tinky Winky is a money trick that can let you see through your audience choice of card, you don't need to change the money and the card. You can use any money and card.
It's easy to do even without much preparation:
-Borrow the money,
-Choice one card. (Random Card)
-Let the money pass through the card visually, even in the hands of your audience.
(No Hole, No damage in money.)
Tinky Winky has three interesting routine and one gimmick that you can make it by yourself. With this trick you can expand your own creativity and you will also be taught special technique to do this trick.
2 Impromptu technique, and 1 Special Gimmick...
One Package only in Tinky Winky.
PLEASE BE NOTE: This item is a digital download ,Gimmick not included